Picture of roses to accompany Rosette Cocktail recipe.
“Les Roses” by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, published in Paris in 1817-24

Rosette Cocktail

  • Take two dashes orange bitters
  • One liqueur-glass of Grenadine
  • Two liqueur-glasses of dry gin

Fill the mixing-glass with ice; stir well and strain into a cocktail-glass.

NOTE: In the following receipts most of the quantities are given by glasses. The size of the glasses usually varies a trifle in each locality, but the usual amount of liquid contained in them is approximately as follows:

Lemonade-glass, twelve ounces.
High-ball glass, six ounces.
Star-glass or star champagne-glass, four and a half ounces.
Bar-glass, three ounces.
Cocktail-glass, two and one-half ounces.
Liqueur-glass, or “pony,” one ounce.

Louis’ Mixed Drinks by Louis Muckensturm, 1906

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