Cherry time, 1906, by Salvatore Postiglione

(Use a sherry glass.)

  • One-quarter glass of raspberry syrup
  • One-quarter glass of Maraschino
  • One-quarter glass of Chartreuse (green)
  • Top it off with Brandy
  • Serve

This drink must be properly prepared to prevent the different colors from running into each other, but must each have a separate appearance.

Harry Johnson’s New and Improved Bartender’s Manual, 1882

Note from Lost Cocktails:

Chartreuse Verte (Shameless affiliate link) – Created in 1764 as a lighter alternative to elixir vegetal. The details of the original recipes’ 130 ingredients are still a well-kept secret. Chartreuse Verte is aged 2-3 years in oak casks before being thinned down to an average strength of 55% ABV before it is bottled.

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