The Absinthe Drinker, Viktor Oliva, 1901
  • Of each 2 drops:
    • Oil of lemon
    • Oil of carraway
    • Oil of absinthe
  • Extract of liquorice, two ounces
  • Extract of camomile, half ounce
  • Rectified spirit, (60 O.P.) three pints
  • Syrup, three pints
  • Water, enough to make two gallons
  • Dissolve the oils in the spirit, and the extracts in water
  • Add both together at once
  • Shake violently for some minutes
  • Next add the syrup and the remainder of the water
  • Again shake well up
  • Let it stand some days, the longer the better
  • Filter through paper
Haney’s Steward & Barkeeper’s Manual: A Complete and Practical Guide by Jesse Haney, 1869

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