Pacific Union Club, Willis Polk, 1913
Pacific Union Club, Willis Polk, 1913
  • Put a lump of ice in a glass and
  • Two dashes of gum syrup; on this
  • Two dashes of Curaçao
  • Three of Boker’s bitters, a
  • Wine-glass of Italian vermouth and
  • One pony of rye whisky
  • Shake
  • Thoroughly mix, and
  • Strain into a glass in which there is a twist of lemon-peel
One Hundred & One Beverages by May E. Southworth, 1904

The Pacific-Union Club is a social club in San Francisco, at the top of Nob Hill, founded in 1889 as a merger of two earlier clubs: the Pacific Club (founded 1852) and the Union Club (founded 1854).

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