"NEW YEAR" SERIES-POSTCARD No. 300 Printed in Germany, 1910
“NEW YEAR” SERIES-POSTCARD No. 300 Printed in Germany, 1910

(10-Gallon Mixture.)

5 pounds cut loaf sugar

4 cans pineapple

4 dozen oranges, cut in slices

2 dozen lemons, cut in slices

1 quart bottle abricotine (Eagle Creme D’Apricot)

7 gallons Catawba Cream (one-half Sweet and one-half Dry Catawba)

2 gallons claret wine

1 gallon brandy (Hennessey’s or California)

  • Put the above ingredients together in a vessel the day before you want to serve it
  • On the following morning filter or strain it into another vessel
  • Take a large punch bowl and place a nice large piece of ice in it
  • Decorate the top of ice with fruits
  • Fill up the bowl from vessel
  • Keep the vessel containing the punch in a cool place
  • Never put ice in it
  • I have made this punch for the past three years for the Steuben County Wine Company of Chicago, which they serve on the day before New Year of each year.
  • Serve in champagne glasses.
The 20th Century Guide for Mixing Fancy Drinks by James C. Maloney, 1900

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