"Gibson Girls"
“Gibson Girls” (engraving after original drawing, titled Picturesque America, Anywhere Along the Coast) in beach attire (cropped image), illustration by Charles Dana Gibson, circa 1900 (original drawing dated 1898)

Use a pousse cafe glass.

  • 1-5 glass of creme de anisette
  • 1-5 glass of parfait d’amour
  • 1-5 glass of creme yvette
  • 1-5 glass of chartreuse (yellow)
  • Top off with whipped cream.

As modern and attractive as the Gibson pictures and as palatable as it is handsome, and for a smooth concoction is the accepted friend of the many resorts, both island and on the coast; and no matter where the elite may be, they will call for their prime favorite, the Gibson Girl.

Daly’s Bartenders’ Encyclopedia by Tim Daly, 1903
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